Press Release

Marion Keyes endorsed Yvonne in her book POSTCARDS FROM THE BED a funny story about Marion’s treatment with Yvonne in Dublin, Ireland during 1999. Read more here.

You can read an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Postcards from the Bed below:

“The following day, I had an appointment at the Harvest Moon
Centre with Doctor Yvonne Murphy, who works in tandem
with Danielle. She’s a fully qualified chiropractor of the
conventional medicine kind, but with a difference. She doesn’t
just fix your gammy back, she ‘realigns’ your spirit as well.
Most of us are ‘out of balance’ – our male / female sides are
skewed or our right brain/ left brain balance is off, and once
we’re back in balance, it’ll ‘heal sexuality and bring heightened
awareness and awake mind, body and spirit’.

The Harvest Moon Centre – like the place the night
before – was full of surprisingly normal-looking people: a
blonde woman in a black trouser-suit with an umbrella was
emerging from having her chakras realigned, a man with the
short, tight curls and meaty build of a rugby player was off to
the flotation tank for a session. He jerked his thumb towards
the tank and casually asked the receptionist, ‘I’ll just hop in,
will I?’

Yvonne took me into a therapy room and within seconds
she had discovered the banjaxed bit of my neck. The top of
my spine points slightly to the right and I had always thought
it was that way because I’d got mild whiplash while on a
rollercoaster in Alton Towers. But Yvonne’s assessment of it
was that my right-brain was working overtime and my left­
brain was basically sitting around, slumped in front of the
telly, watching Oprah.

She says that our back problems are a map to our emotional
and spiritual states. Men mostly come to her with lower-back
problems, which means their base chakra – which correlates
to survival issues like careers and finances – is giving them

Her language, like Danielle’s, is mystical – the chakra
hit-rate per sentence is high. If you were in any way sceptical
you might be moved to be scornful and Yvonne is wryly
aware that this is the case. Not that she seems to care – if you
could bottle her serenity you’d’ really be on to something.
Besides, as she numbers hard-nosed business people among
her clientele, she can afford to ignore the sceptics. Accountants
and lawyers come to her to get their analytical left-brain to
stop bullying the artistic right-brain. Even more intriguingly,
greyhound and racehorse owners employ her to work on their
animals. In fact, she treats more racehorses than she does
human beings! And somehow I can’t imagine the horsey set
standing for any nonsense i f they weren’t getting results.

Up on the couch I clambered. At the best of times I ‘m a
massage junkie – call it hands-on healing ( Yvonne does) or call
it massage, but I love it. With her focus on my neck, skull, face
and spine, she twiddled and rubbed me, and it was blissful.
After about twenty minutes of pressure, she told me that my
right-brain and left-brain were more in alignment. Honesty
compels me to admit that I didn’t feel anything that I might
describe as a shift, but I didn’t care. I felt so good I was
floating, and my only regret was that I hadn’t been more out
of alignment to begin with, because the treatment would have
gone on for longer… ”