Absolutely  thrilled to be sharing LOVING REMOTE TRANSFORMATIONAL MULTIDIMENSIONAL CHIRO/CRANIO worldwide, and am available to provide my unique work which has evolved from a combination of medical intuition, connecting with the higher powers, 30 years chiropractic/cranial background and a lifetimes of playing with the Great Mystery!

(Available Anytime Around the World Remotely!)

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and start seeing the amazing results that come from this gentle, natural, loving treatment.

Learn more about Divine Clearing with our introduction on SoundCloud.




WHATSAPP IN IRELAND (And FaceTime)(353)894545306

Phone in India  (+91) 8191874561

Skype: yvmurphy1



WINTERS IN INDIA! (27th  winter with Ma India!)

Tiruvanamalai and Pondicherry in the south. Rishikesh in the north in march! Giving treatments to visiting gurus and their awakening groups!

MADISON WISCONSIN USA planned visiting Dr Laura Konopacki network chiropractor and the Drs Grenier!

Animal Communication Workshops in person and online! With street dogs and on Skype internationally! 🐶


You are welcome to make an appointment for both weekdays and also on weekends, i work with all time zones!

Skype/zoom anytime.

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