…  And grew up whispering to horses and living the gifts of a painful family of origin, moved to USA as a whimsical gypsy at 19, intent on exploring the Great Mystery.

Spent the next twenty years in the carnival of life, realising that it all was smoke and mirrors.

While sharing knowing on a personal level with others, I began to study wellness as a Doctor of Chiropractic (I have been registered for the last 32 years in the U.S.A.) trained extensively in biodynamic cranial, cranio-dental, animal adjusting and pediatrics and homeopathy.

Beginning in Wisconsin, I asked the divine to guide me in healing souls as well as bodies.(Saint Germain warned there was suffering if doing healing work for anything other than the advancement of the soul!)

Called back to Ireland to say farewell to my dying father, I was embraced by a change in consciousness in that country.

Got to stay on to practice around Ireland where the leprechauns mingled with my gift of healing bringing release, joy and clarity.

Irish icon Marion Keyes sought me out and I am forever immortalised in one of her books!

Animals have a direct link to the divine and they responded joyfully and just as quickly to treatment. This led to working on racetracks and teaching animal cranio to vets and doctors and physios.

Working with a spiritual leader led to India requesting me to work with its children, and I found myself based in a rural village as the resident healer, despite my differences, as a woman and a non-native.

My methodology has been directed to be called Divine Clearing back in 1981, and has grown around the world since then! This as my calling and my path, and I am here to help you find yours.

I score “Healer Idealist” when i take the Kiersey Temperment Sorter


Only 1% of the population is a “Healer Idealist”!
As a child, my Irish relatives would say “Ah sure she has the gift of healing!”

My spiritual calibration is high and divineclearing comes through in the 900’s… Read more on spiritual calibration in “Power vs. Force” by Dr David Hawkins. (He claims most peeps calibrate around 200-300!)

This is probably why many people feel a tingling energy vortex or happy lightness when they join with me in a remote session!

Hear an old, old introduction to my work by clicking here.

I have the gift of healing from my Irish grandmother Bridget Pearce of using the 6th sense, and had a near death experience and was healed from a life threatening condition 40 years ago by asking the Great Mystery for help.

This developed into Medical Intuition during the 25 years busy chiropractic years, when I specialised in paediatrics, cranial, birth trauma release and animal adjustments.

When we ask the Greater Powers or Great Mystery for help, not only is the problem solved, but everything related is cleared back to the beginning of time.

Work Experience
2023 NOW semi retired and writing the Divine Clearing Book from India!


Last 27 winters in India, with healing masters and spiritual communities.

2008-2015 – Got an Entrepreneur Business Visa with New Zealand Immigration to grow the new healing modality of Divine Clearing.

Taught themes of Parents and Kids Workshops and Animal Communication and worked with meditation/healing groups at Awakening Raves like Cosmic Forest Fest in Coromandel!

1999-2008 – Worked around the world learning different cultural healing patterns in Australia, Portugal, California USA and Ireland. Winters always with Mother India.

Worked closely with speech therapists and children. Extensive studies/lecturing and experience with dyspraxia and autism.

1991-1999 – Willy Street Chiropractic, 1053 Williamson St, Madison, Wisconsin USA.

Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Network Chiropractic … Treated up to 66 patients per day!

1986-1991 Palmer Chiropractic, Iowa, USA
(D.C.) Doctor of Chiropractic (Total of 8 years study in USA for this degree!)

Animal Chiropractic

Cranial studies with Sacral Occipital Technique at Palmer College
1984-1991 State University of New York, New Paltz, N.Y.(Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med)

  • B.Sc., (Pre-Med)
  • Sacral Occipital Technique and Animal Adjusting at Palmer College
  • Physiotherapy for Wisconsin Chiropractic License

Professional Development
1992-1996 – Kientalerhof, Kiental, Switzerland and Upledger, Washington D.C., USA.

Los Angeles and British Schools of Homeopathy

  • Biodynamic Cranio, Pediatrics, Birth Trauma
  • Cranio Dental
  • Homeopathy

1998-PRESENT Family Constellation Studies Worldwide to bring mor Love Flow into the Family System.

INDIA – Dr.Sumeet Kumar, General Surgeon, Auroville, Tamil Nadu
Ph: 944333215
Email: sumeet@auroville.org.in

IRELAND – Ian Wright Osteopath, Knocklofty House, Clonmel, Tipperary
Ph: 5235927
Email: iwrightg@gmail.com

USA – Dr.JoeTeff, TeffChiropractic,Madison,Wi.
Ph: 6082319152
Email: jteff@chorus.net

    • Medical Intuitive for 35 years (asking for Thy Will Be Done for you!)
    • Healer (score “Healer Idealist” on Keirsey Personality Test.)
    • Only 1% of population scores Healer Idealist! … That is why it is my greatest love to work in the healing field
    • At Palmer College we cut up cadavers (dead bodies!) to learn deep knowledge of the body. (Horse cadavers too!)
    • My Spiritual Calibration is high and Divineclearing comes through in the 900’s
      (most of world calibrates at 200-300) so can easily see/help others with spiritual awakening and growth of spiritual body.
      27 winters spent in India with masters and studying spiritual systems and in service.
    • Cranio (both structural and energetic) helps babies and children to thrive with gentleness and respect to their delicate systems.
    • Many months long retreats in silence, meditation helps with peace and inner silence!
  • Spent lifetime studying nutrition, homeopathy, exercise and body-mind systems, so can give you informed homework to speed the shift into more health and love flow in your physical and family system.