Comment from Susan after treatment in Tiruvannamalai, India!

Do you want to speed up and complete your Awakening/Liberation Process?

Are you heart centered? (Spiritual Calibration 400+)

Do you want to raise your spiritual calibration?

Need help with energetic attachments (including reptiles), addictions,clearing land and ancestors with help from family constellation methods!

Do you want to flow in more love with the New Race of Man?




I have helped 75,000 people around the world from all walks of life, as i am a gifted HEALER IDEALIST and CHIROPRACTOR, and i can help you in person or from a distance!I joyfully share my EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE in Skype Divine Clearing AWAKENING sessions and groups which are held …

NOW IN IRELAND! Dublin and Clonmel and Galway and Lahinch!

AUGUST for 5 weeks with MeetingwithPia.com awakening group giving treatments in Holland.

AUTUMN trip to Madison Wisconsin USA … faciltated by Dr Laura Konopacki (network chiropractor) with gratitude!

DEC fly to India for winter Tiru and Pondicherry and Rishikesh with awakening groups who need some gentle chiro/cranio/family constellation

NZ again with Japan and Peru in 2019

2019 awakening sacred Ireland tour with Laura Plumb

And I can visit you if you would like to host me OR WE CAN MEET ON SKYPE/zoom?

If you would like to book a session please hit the PAY ONLINE tab and feel free to get in touch to book suitable time by Skype, zoom,email or phone or in person – I would love to hear from you and am used to working with international time differences!