Kids and Pregnancy


MY NICHE MARKET HAS BEEN WOMEN, CHILDREN AND FAMILIES FOR MANY YEARS … and more to be shared in the upcoming book!

Here is a note from Amber Ferguson in Piha, New Zealand …

My son who is 2 and I have seen Yvonne a few times now and every time has been so different but all with positive outcomes. Our last session together was so emotional, issues with weaning my son, problems around relationships and ill health surrounding a family member.

When you sit with Yvonne and work through these limitations and hurdles its as if you instantly see the light. cant help but be embraced by the great mystery.

Since our last visit my son has weaned with no major issues my relationships ended that were not serving me anymore and made space for the healthier ones to enter and grow. The most biggest change was the family member who was so unwell…they are up and living…not 100% but up and interacting with the world.

Bless you Yvonne. ..totally in awe of the great mystery xx

Hiya, Just arrived in Auckland, NZ (May 2014)

after working with children and their parents in India for the past 5 months,

and had my first mum and baby appointment which was so touching.
Am grateful to have years of study in paediatric chiropractic, baby cranial, birth trauma release work as a foundation to grow my new work from, because then the Great Mystery can work through a fine tuned instrument and play the Great Symphony!

(And 20+ winter visits to India to practice real inner Dynamic Stillness in the chaos and pollution!)
Baby was one of the new golden children,

Is Your Child a Rainbow or Golden Child…

Perfect in every way and radiating so much love and beauty, affecting everyone in his wake.

Baby knew me already because mum had been for Divine Clearings while pregnant … so we had big bright smiles of recognition!
Mum needed help to rebalance her core, her foundation to the new person she has become after giving birth.

We used gentle chiropractic, cranio, unseen divine clearing and nutritional advice to clean up the hard working liver. Clearing was given for home and land and the child’s relatives.

Everyone was so happy and still after the joy filled session. It is my greatest gift and joy to work with parents and children …

One recent email from a happy workshop participant …

“Our family has been seeing Yvonne regularly and we have noticed very profound and positive changes.

For example, a decrease in physical pain, an increase in energy levels and vitality, greater harmony between family members (including extended family)and we seem to be less prone to illness.

I have been involved with two of Yvonne’s previous workshops and I have found them to be informative, practical and interesting”.Bella, Auckland,NZ.


I have been using my 6th sense all my life, i was healed from a life threatening condition in a near death experience 40 years ago by asking the Great Mystery for help.
This developed into Medical Intuition during 28 years busy chiropractic years, specialising in paediatrics, cranial, birth trauma release and animal adjusting.
The work has evolved over 40 years into a unique approach involving MULTILEVEL TRANSFORMATIONAL  healing called Divine Clearing, because i found other approaches too narrow.
When We ask the Greater Power or Mystery for help, not only is the problem solved, but everything related is cleared back to the beginning of time.


Divine Clearing puts the pain out of your body, mind and life.

See testimonials for stories from others who have been helped.

We command connection with the SuperMental and release of the Pain Body in Divine Clearing.

I learned this sitting at the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry, India. Some German clients referred a woman called Sujatha as she needed help with extreme pain, she had advanced cancer and none of her pain meds were working.

We did a phone call together, me in India at Aurobindo Ashram and her in Germany and all her pain was removed instantly,

she never needed any more pain medication.

She then could take care of the affairs of her lifetime with ease and a clear mind before she died. I thank Sujatha for this lesson and i have used the method ever since with pain body release.

Thank you Sujatha and all the wonderful clients in Tiruvannamalai, South India for your willingness to be healed and whole in no time!

As JESUS said, he could not have helped the blind man to see if the blind man did not believe it possible.

Gratitude to the seen and unseen helpers on every session.