Laura (2020)

I was living my life with extreme stomach pain and bad digestion since 2015. The discomfort started back in high school (15 years ago), but I only started to look for a cause and solution when the pain was unbearable. I visited numerous doctors and always received the answer: “it shouldn’t hurt”. 3 years later a friend recommended a very expensive food intolerance test which came up with the result that I’m sensitive to gluten, dairy and many random things like oranges and potatoes. The strict diet helped a bit, but most symptoms were still present regardless of what I ate.

My dance teacher recommended me Yvonne and after so much suffering I was open to any possible solution. Our first session was really powerful. She said that the cause of the problem is mainly in the ancestor level, which sort of explains why I wasn’t able to fix it myself. The next day I felt a bit disorientated. It felt that something changed energetically and my mind was a mess. On the second day I WAS HEALED. The pain was gone. It was actually an unusual feeling, because we were hand in hand with the problem for so long, that I couldn’t imagine myself without it. The difference was indescribable! I could go out for food with friends without panicking about the consequences, I could go hiking without worrying about the lack of toilet options during the whole journey, it was amazing!

Since then I met her on 2 more occasions (both in person and virtually). Life always throws you something new to work on 🙂 I was really satisfied with the results in each and every time. I don’t know how it works, but it works! She also gives some tips, videos, articles to continue your progress individually. I can highly recommend her work to anyone. If you are skeptic (as I was too) just give it a try and you will be sooo thankful for the decision!