Catherine Denning

Both my daughter and I have had sessions with Yvonne. For me it was for chronic pain, herniated discs and arthritis in the lumbar spine and pelvic/sacrum area which has affected me for nearly ten years though my back pain went back to my teenage years (over 20 years). This year an intense flare up which seized up my entire body prompted me to make more life defining decisions aswell as on a personal level. And thankfully Yvonnes high recommendation came at just the right time. I have had Skype sessions with Yvonne which helped to raise my spirits and most importantly look at my back pain in a different way. Her hands-on sessions since her return to Ireland have been an amazing source of healing not only for my back but in my life in general. I feel I have never been in more capable and knowledgeable hands while Yvonne gently manipulates or realigns what has been off in my body. And it is undeniable what I can only call the soul work that transpires with this wonderful person. She has a grace, lightness and wisdom that is, in itself perfect and so reassuring. She has committed to a lifelong journey of learning to heal within so many healing modalities and we are lucky to have her in Ireland every year. I feel so much better in only these last few months visiting Yvonne and my daughter’s condition has improved in only one visit. I cannot recommend Dr Yvonne Murphy highly enough ✨