Carol Murphy

Yvonne gave me an adjustment to help with the knee pain I had been experiencing for a year. Doctors had diagnosed osteoarthirtis in my knee and the only treatment I had been offered was strong anti-inflammatory tablets. Whilst these helped I did not want to spend my life on medication. Following Yvonne’s gentle adjustment my knee felt quite different, it felt like it moved easier. The next day my knee was a little bit sore but following that it felt the best it had in the last year. For over 2 weeks I was pain free, something that hadn’t happened in the last year! Since then I’ve been following Yvonne’s advice of massage and although I’ve had some pain again it has been much less. If I lived in Ireland I would see Yvonne for more regular treatments as I’m sure this would be the way forward, however as I live in the UK I will have to wait until my next visit to Ireland. Thanks Yvonne, will look forward to seeing you again.