Laura (2020)

I was living my life with extreme stomach pain and bad digestion since 2015. The discomfort started back in high school (15 years ago), but I only started to look for a cause and solution when the pain was unbearable. I visited numerous doctors and always received the answer: “it shouldn’t hurt”. 3 years later … [Read more…]

Craig Wrightson

Yvonne is an amazing healer. I have been to see her a few times, and had 3 sessions online. everytime I left feeling so great and a higher connection to my higher self .. The Pains I had, and my emotional well-being is so much better. She really is a very kind soul who can … [Read more…]

Marina Wild

I am so glad I followed up on a friend’s recommendation to see Yvonne. Her treatments are among the complementary therapies I have sought out following a cancer diagnosis at age 34, and she has been an important part of my healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A shift occurred that … [Read more…]

Sharon Athas

Yvonne works miracles. She can truly fix the unfixable. Her healing gift is matched by her gentle and respectful… More

Michelle Clarke

When Yvonne walks into a room her presence fills it up with light and love slightsmile emoticons,� Yvonne and I had three sessions which helped me tremendously physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally!! 🌈 First Yvonne walked me through some emotional blocks I was having. We did an exercise that released me from my childhood trauma … [Read more…]

Celine O’Donovan

I was introduced to Yvonne when I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. Such an amazing gift. Yvonne helped me look at my cancer with new eyes and to go on a journey of healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, Without Yvonne’s help, I would not be where I am … [Read more…]

Ms MacAvoy

After seeing a leaflet of hers by accident (or divine guidance) I contacted Yvonne for assistance with my mother’s recovery from stroke, ability to eat, digestion and various infections, along with a contemporaneous legal battle. Over the course of two years Yvonne has helped us beyond all recognition whether in person or via Skype. When … [Read more…]

sashi wild

My best friend put me onto Yvonne and from the moment we connected it all felt just right. I loved my session and have felt some really big things shifting.

Emer Mullany

Dr Yvonne Murphy applies loving healing to what I expressed and where I was at. She is highly gifted and authentic and is a true healer. She follows through with feedback sessions which I find very supportive. Her practice is highly professional, transparent and organised. The feeling of increased Love is worth the journey.