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This quote is from my Human Design Profile…

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“ There is a sense through contacting the unconscious that there will not be the same old solutions to the enduring problems, but a practical application that can have effective and direct results!”

Divine Clearing 1st treatment
In the first visit we address the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of our diseases and problems. The physical gets better fast with this approach.
We can go to an equal and opposite amount of light if we ask for help for our pain and darkness.

Divine Clearing – First Treatment – 180 euro

Divine Clearing 3 treatments for complete healing
Do you need help with things the medical world cannot help?
Family stuck in patterns of behaviour?
Child not operating in normal limits?
Out of control pet?
We look at ancestral patterns so more health can flow.
We ask the Great Mystery for help, so the problem can be changed all the way back to when it started in time.

Book 3 Treatment Sessions for complete healing at a discounted rate – 365 euro

Divine Clearing Followup
We look at where there is still pain and suffering and get love and health flowing in the system.

Divine Clearing – Follow-Up Treatment – 145 euro

Divine Clearing Workshop
W/shops for kids and parents. Animals. Health care professionals.
Learn how to do Divine Clearing yourself and help your family and world
Notes, lunch, attendance certificate and followup session included.

I do what i do because i believe in thinking differently and joining with others so we can grow our Dream of a New Race of Man. Golden and Glorious and Communicating with each other!

Where we are beyond the mind; and gut decisions rule! Wanna join us?
This is not for everyone. Heart Intelligence is required!

Divine Clearing Workshop (per person) – 365 euro

Elite Divine Clearing MIND OF LIGHT PACKAGE (Ongoing 6 months) – 3650 euro
Ongoing fabulous Divine Clearing for you to raise your spiritual calibration and awakening help family, business, home and land.
INCLUDES 3 day zoom workshop in 2018 and 2019, 2 treatments, notes and diagrams, exclusive ongoing online group for questions/sharing revelation!
Abundance and Joy
Whoohoo! Paradigm shift guaranteed.

Housesit / Dogsit (90 euro per day, 560 euro per week) 
V.I.P.Pampered Pet Care by loving experienced Animal Communicator with years of experience treating pets with chiropractic/cranial and healing. Guaranteed happy pet on your return home, plants and tranquil house too!

ZAPPER (Electromagnetic Therapy Device)
Cost is 145 Euro including postage. Clearing parasites ( duality!) on all levels!
Zapper Helps …
1. Bacterial, viral, PARASITES!, malaria
2. Hastens injury healing
3. Osteoporosis
4. Strengthens Solar and Navel Chakra
5. Strengthens eyes!