Divine Clearing puts the pain out of your body, mind and life.
I have helped others release pain and sickness for 25 years.
See testimonials for stories from others who have been helped.

We command connection with the SuperMental and release of the Pain Body in Divine Clearing.

I learned this sitting at the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry, India. Some German clients referred a woman

called Sujatha as she needed help with extreme pain, she had advanced cancer and none of her pain meds were working. We did a phone call together, me in India and her in Germany and all her pain was removed instantly, she never needed any more pain medication. She then could take care of the affairs of her lifetime with ease and a clear mind before she died. I thank Sujatha for this lesson and i have used the method ever since with pain body release.

She sent dozens of people to me and they sent their friends for pain release, this is truly something greater at work!

Thankyou Sujatha and all the wonderful clients in Tiruvanamalai, South India for your willingness to be healed and whole in no time! As Jesus said, he could not have helped the blind man to see if the blind man did not believe it possible.