“With much sparkling love and respect i have been guided to share some reasons why my fees are higher than other therapy workers.
the more i earn the more benevolent i can be to those in need. In Ireland i am involved in a free children’s clinic and same in India, where i give ongoing village services.
My doctor of chiropractic degree cost over $100,000 in the usa in the 1980’s. i study full-time to add to skills, including upledger osteo,biodynamic osteo in Switzerland, Homeo at British and Los Angeles schools ( an incomplete MD in homeopathy) family constellation and psych studies in Spain ongoing, many years with spiritual healers around the world (7 years with maori healers in NZ)
18 winters in India in spiritual studies, months of silent retreat!
My spiritual calibration is in the 800’s, most of the population is in the 200’s and only 0.04% resonate above 600, the level of awakening, so i can give pointers to awakening in sessions in the dream with humor!
And yes i know there is no me and no world, which is why i do not normally mention these details as they amount to nothing.
We are perfect and healed and liberated now, i enter sessions deep in that knowledge and liberating love!
om namo shivaya!”
Dr. Yvonne murphy.  !!!


Comment from Susan after treatment in Tiruvannamalai, India today! (MARCH 2017)

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